Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More overlooked wedding fashion - The Room

Oh, hi. By now you've surely heard of "the Citizen Kane of bad movies" - The Room. Truly, The Room is spectacularly bad. Writer/ Producer/ Actor/ Director/ Marketing man/ Best friend Tommy Wiseau really knows how to strong-arm every human emotion into his craft. One of the many turning points of The Room is the tuxedo football scene. The tuxedos are curious in a scene of impromptu alley football, but I think the reason for the suits is that the main character, Tommy, is getting married. It would seem that all of his best friends are trying out their tuxedos before the big day.

Skip to 1:05 for the tuxedo scenes:

Maybe you can't tell from this low-res screen cap, but these tuxedos are terrible. Everyone has ill-fitting pants and jackets, but the little guy in the back (OHHI, DENNY) has a Fred Mertz thing happening with his pants.

The Room wasn't a high-budget movie, but I feel that an awesome guy like Tommy Wiseau would have a professionally tailored tux in his closet. It's safe to say that this "fashion" is overlooked because it is terrible. But I did not overlook it, I DID NAAAAAT.

-Kay Banks

If you like terrible movies, you should rent The Room or go to one of the many midnight screenings. Truly, your mind will be blown. Report back if you watch it so that I can bask in your gratitude.


  1. at a screening i went to, tommy explained they were in tuxedos because tuxedos are seeeeeexxxxy. it has nothing to do with the wedding? huh?

  2. Haha, well I guess I'm not surprised that there was no real reason or concept for the scene. I would love it if someone does a documentary interviewing the crew of that film.


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