Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My favorite red wedding dress

One of my favorite overlooked wedding dresses is from Beetle Juice. It is probably overlooked because the wearer is an unwilling child bride (creepy), but it's beautiful just the same. The pointy bangs, the poofy red tulle...it's dated, but still pretty.

It's too bad that there are no good full-length pictures of the dress, but this photo (click to embiggen) shows off the blood-red color of the polka dot lace.

Skip to 2:20 to see the dress; 3:25 to see the ceremony

It looks like a very full skirt (with a hoop skirt underneath?) that stops at her calves. I can't quite see it, but if she's wearing pointy boots, the dress length makes sense. The gown that Geena Davis is wearing is okay too (she's probably the true overlooked bride in this movie), but it's so '80s and not nearly as awesome as Lydia's.

More tomorrow!


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  1. I've always thought that red would be an amazing color for a wedding dress. Paula Yates wore my dream wedding dress



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