Monday, April 26, 2010

Overlooked wedding attire

There's plenty of focus on beautiful, perfectly-formed actresses, but what about the weddings of slightly misshapen or even D-list celebrities? This week's plan is to focus on the best of the overlooked celebrity wedding attire...starting with Miss Piggy's wedding gown from The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Piggy is my favorite headstrong, frog-loving drag queen. She's bitchy, pushy, self-centered and FABULOUS. Look at all that lace. She's like Alexis Carrington in felt and pearls...were the two characters related? As always, the grooms have it easy. Kermit is looking dapper in his three-piece suit. I like that his little boutonniere matches Piggy's style, but it isn't a carbon copy of her bouquet.

Your childhood is calling:

Haha, admit that you got a little choked up! Just a little. These are, after all, your childhood friends and they are FINALLY getting married! They'll be so happy...


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