Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A baseball themed wedding

Apparently baseball is popular amongst my friends? I had no idea until this week when my Facebook page lit up with pictures and posts about their favorite teams. Baseball is cool. The games have hot dogs and beer and peanuts and ice cream and...

There are many photos of this beautiful wedding, but here are my favorites.

The lovely couple - Nicole and Josh

Getchur candy here!

Guests signs bats and balls instead of a photo frame or guest book

I was skeptical about the baseball-filled vases, but I think they work? They did a really nice job with the color scheme.

Love this awesome backdrop for silly guest photos! They're going to have a hilarious photo album.

And of course, the cake. It's not baseball themed, and it was a smart move. If absolutely everything screams baseball, the theme gets tired.

Even though I'm pretty indifferent to baseball (and sports in general), I love this wedding. They obviously weren't working on a shoestring budget, and it shows. Everything is straight out of a magazine.


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