Monday, May 24, 2010

Biker wedding

For two [Wisconsin motorcycle ] riders, this year's MDA (muscular dystrophy association) ride was extremely special. A man and women traded in their leather for formal wear and tied the knot. Even though the sun was shinning the sound of thunder filled the air as one bike after another rolled into Wittenberg for a very unique wedding.

Sorry, apparently the video won't embed. Here's the link.

For Wes and Carla this was exactly what they wanted, they turned in the satin runway and carriage for leather and Harley's. Wes says, "In spring we were actually going to elope but that didn't work out."

And probably for the better, instead Wes and Carla not only got the wedding of their dreams but were able to celebrate the mates they had been searching for all their lives. Carla says, "He made my life a 100 percent better when I met him."

Wes and Carla say they both ride for MDA every year and knew their friends and family would be in town today, so the wedding couldn't have been more perfect.

Surprisingly, I think this is the first motorcycle wedding I've posted here. They're a cute couple - my only complaint is that the groom didn't take his sunglasses off for the wedding.

And isn't it funny to watch local news from other states? Maybe it's because I get the LA news; I'm used to polished sets with surgeon-sculpted news reporters. It's refreshing to see a real face behind the desk.


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  1. Thanks for posting this! It's a great story. My husband would have loved to have said our vows on the back of a few hogs!


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