Monday, June 21, 2010

Couple marries at Home Depot

56-year-old Carolyn Weatherly and 55-year-old Audwin Mosby were married in the garden center of a Lake Forest, CA Home Depot store. Carolyn says the store is like a second home since she and Audwin both work there, as well as her son and his daughter. Co-workers suggested the store as their wedding location.

Carolyn, her the wedding party, a ring bearer and three flower girls walked through light bulbs, grills and paint on Aisle 1 to the center of the store, and outside to the garden center. There the couple was married in front of 100+ guests and some Home Depot shoppers under a wedding arbor built from Home Depot lumber and supplies.

"I can't believe there's a wedding in the Home Depot," shopper Linda Brown told the OC Register. "I'm not dressed for it! We walked in here past the minister and I thought 'Oh my God, should I be in here.'"

"I just love it," said another shopper. "It's a very nice surprise. The men look wonderful in their white tuxedos."

I love the orange tie on the groom's new work apron. Mostly, I can't believe that they fit all those people in the garden center. Having seen quite a few store weddings now, I think this is one of the prettiest.


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