Friday, June 18, 2010

A destination wedding where the destination is death

If you like weddings and horror movies, you'll be excited about this: On August 8th, 1978, you are cordially invited to the marriage of Gwen Anne Sanderson and Brent Forrest Hall. There will dinner. There will be dancing. There will be murder. Killer Disco Wedding. A destination wedding where the destination is DEATH.

Killer Disco Wedding Trailer from Killer Disco Wedding on Vimeo.

Conceived by filmmakers Vaughn Blake and Andrew Gettens, Killer Disco Wedding grew out of the two's love of grindhouse cinema and interest in mid-90's kitsch. Shot over the weekend with the help of friends, the project was a labor of love designed to get a laugh from their friends across the country.

Who doesn't love campy '70s horror movies? If I ever meet someone who claims to not enjoy watching terrible, terrible movies, I will do the disco call and kick that jive turkey outta my face.

Have a terrifying weekend!


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