Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pregnant bride fired on the eve of her wedding

The article is wordy, so I will tl;dr it for you.

Jarretta Hamilton was a fourth grade teacher at a Florida Christian school until the school administration found out that she was pregnant and unmarried. She asked her boss for a leave of absence for her wedding and mentioned that she had just become pregnant.

The school's strict guidelines prohibit teachers from "fornication". Jarretta was asked not to return to the school.

It won't surprise you to find out that Jarretta is suing the school; the school claims they've done nothing wrong.

From the picture of this new family, it looks like Jarretta and her new husband are more mature, so it's not surprising that they'd start trying to have kids right away. The article says that she was three weeks pregnant on the day of her wedding. If the point of the firing is to keep her pre-marital fornication a secret, they could have just said it was a honeymoon baby. Finally, what kind of Christians turn away a pregnant and temporarily-single woman? It's been a long time since the slow, painful torture of private Christian school, but I seem to remember that Jesus was born in a barn because nobody would let a pregnant and unmarried woman stay in their inn.

Good luck Jarretta!


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