Friday, November 5, 2010

David and Donna get hitched

SoapNet is kind enough to continually replay classic Beverly Hills 90210, and I thank them for their service. Even though the hair and outfits are incredibly dated, the fights are melodramatic, and the very special episodes are anything but, I still love it. Throughout the seasons, many of the characters got engaged and then broke up but (spoiler alert) the show ended with Donna and David finally getting married.

Here's a recording of someone's TV, if you're really invested:

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I can't believe I like that either.

I never liked Donna's hair red, and yes I really care about Donna's hair color, so that automatically makes me like these pictures less.

As always, Donna's outfit is based on her thinness combined with her giant boobs. Both are fully on display here. I like the classic roses, and Donna's unusually understated gown , but I really don't like the pearly dog collar.

Even on TV weddings, the bridesmaids are stuck wearing hideous and unflattering dresses. That purple looks just awful on both women, and the satin is very wrinkly and bunchy. I like the wedding gown more here since the beading on the bustier is more noticeable. The men have it easy of course, and they all look handsome in their end-of-night, suit-sans-coat attire.

Oh 90210. Next time I get the flu, we'll connect again.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kay Banks

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