Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bruce Campbell zombie wedding update - with pictures!

Last week I teased a wedding at zomBcon officiated by Bruce Campbell. I am very pleased to bring you the video, courtesy of Nathan the undead groom. It is, in a word, awesome:

Nate and Casey's Zombie Wedding from David Franzen on Vimeo.
There's a second video, if you want a new camera angle. This one is fun because it paints everything in blood red light.

But I know what you really like. Pictures of gorgeous weddings.

Casey Russell, looking well-preserved. I love the baby arm sticking out of her belly, and I giggled with delight when I saw the bouquets of wilted roses - genius!

Casey and her impaled father, Joe.

Aw. The best part about all the pictures is that everyone, despite being undead, looks incredibly happy.

I'm told there was a family zombie procession to the stage before the wedding ceremony. Hopefully that will pop up online sometime.
(double meme-bow all the way: set the zombie procession to Forever like that other famous wedding procession)

The adorable flower girl, Aya Byrne, carries a headless doll.

The new Mr. and Mrs. leave in a hearse. Swoon!

There's an article on the event here, and more pictures at the link above the photos.

Best wedding ever, yes? I'm told it was planned in just two and a half weeks. Hopefully I'll get a few of their professional pictures to share, and I want some wedding details. Namely: CAKE!

Thanks for sharing, Nathan and Casey! I'm wishing you the best - in this life, and in the afterlife.


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