Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse get married

Monday's post got me thinking about Full House, and specifically Aunt Becky. I've already divulged to you that I love 90210, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I tough out the new 90210 every week even though I'm pretty sure it won't be the episode where Dylan and Kelly* finally get back together. What does any of this have to do with Full House? Aunt Becky is on 90210 as the mom. If you haven't seen it, I'll spare you the trauma of learning that little baby Erin grows up to be a bi-polar sexpot, and tell you that Lori Loughlin looks great.

Anyway, back to Full House. It wasn't my favorite show, so I really don't remember the episode where Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky get married. Here are some pictures.

I'm too lazy to read the episode synopsis, but I'll bet this is the part where it seems like Jesse is just a party boy womanizer.

LOOK AT THAT VEIL! It probably can't even be called a veil. It's so large that it surely has a name and feelings. The spray of faux pearls, ribbons, and whatever else is going on is just...baffling.


This is the part where Jesse comes through for the family after all. The veil looks...less bad from this side, but unfortunately we can see that dress now. If the point of those flappy arm things is to make her look like a miniature's working. Lori Loughlin is so thin, she shouldn't wear such a giant dress.

Sigh. And then Uncle Jesse sings a terrible song. The veil looks like an unruly Muppet from this angle.

And the bridesmaid gowns. There are no words.

Well, actually there are words, and a much better recap of the episode here.

More faux pearls, more voluminous lace, and that horrendous Little Bo Peep outfit. HOW RUDE.

Kay Banks

*Are you team Brenda? Me too, sometimes. It depends on my mood.

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