Monday, November 1, 2010

Zack + Kelly = TruLuv

Mark-Paul Gosselaar guest starred on Weeds a few weeks ago, and I personally found grown-up Zack to be a little disturbing. Zack grew up? And he's cheating on Kelly? Not in my little world.

So today, just for anyone else who needs brain bleach after seeing Zack Morris smang Nathalie Newman, the wedding of Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski*.

Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas

Here's the cover of what I assume is the VHS tape of this wacky adventure. Zack and Kelly are already pretty grown up, and they're embracing the mid-nineties. Mark-Paul Gosselaar's hair is long, and Tiffani Thiessen's hair is short. You can tell from this unsettled pose that hijinks really ensue in Las Vegas.

Hey, look who shows up at the end of the wedding! It's Nomi Malone and she wants to know if Kelly has any ice.

Here's the wholesome couple. Considering all the cute little dresses that Kelly wore, I'm surprised by this incredibly modest gown. It has short sleeves and a wide, rounded neckline, with one of the heaviest, fullest skirts I've ever seen. Turn this gown blue or red and you have something that Barbara Bush would wear to a state dinner. Zack is wearing a traditional morning suit, and the flowers look as though they've been stolen off of an old lady's toilet tank display.

Oh, the nineties. Nothing is ever as I remember it.


Kay Banks

*Although, to me, she's not Kelly Kapowsky, she's the damaged and conniving Valerie Malone. I'll take 90210 (even the Brandon-less seasons) over SBTB any day.

** Yes, I'm bitter that Halloween is over, and I'm taking it out on Zack Morris.

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