Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interactive cake patent from Disney

Did you see my new tattoo over at the Knuckle Tattoo blog?

In case you are dense: this is not really a picture of me.

In the latest (old) news, Disney filed a patent for 'interactive cakes' along with a drawing of their idea.

...[Disney Imagineers have cooked up] a US patent
application lovingly titled "Projector systems and methods for producing
digitally augmented interactive cakes and other food products." The application
includes a set of hilarious illustrations depicting over-sized cameras
projecting images and video onto the surface of baked goods in order to promote
storytelling and / or interactivity that is unique and individualized.

Disney envisions images mapped to the 3D topography of
the cake allowing it to sense, for example, when a slice is in the process of
being cut (initiating a sword fight with Captain Hook) or removed (water rushes
in to fill the void). While we doubt that you'll find these in the aisles of
your local Best Buy grocer anytime soon, you might want to check for
availability the next time that you book a birthday party at a Disneyland
resort. Something tells us that these could be a hit with the

Forget the youngins, [in my best Huell Howser impression] I think this sounds simply amazing! These cakes would probably be crazy expensive at first, but those first few people will be pioneers in the cake world.

A commenter at Stitch Kingdom linked to this YouTube video of a wedding cake with abstract imagery projected onto it.

This is a very cool first step, and a high-tech way to spruce up an otherwise plain (though delicious) white cake. I personally cannot wait to see a Haunted Mansion wedding cake where crypt doors creak and tombstones actually quake.

Are you as excited about cake technology as I am?!


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