Monday, February 7, 2011

When Photoshop ruins wedding pictures

A long time ago, Adobe set forth a series of guidelines for the proper use of the word Photoshop. I read it way back when Fark was the Reddit of the Internet. The guidelines were laughable - "Instead of writing 'I Photoshoped this picture', write 'I used Adobe Photoshop to edit this image'". Obviously, those standards are long-gone, as are the professional standards of editing images.

At first glance this ad for gowns looks fairly normal, but look closely at her legs.

This looks painful - it seems like her hips and legs are about a foot to the right of her torso. Ouch.

I don't read romance novels, but even I've heard of Nora Roberts. Again, the cover for Happily Ever After seems normal at first glance, but...

look closely at the bride's hand. See her fingers delicately wrapped around the stem of the bouquet, and you'll notice that her pinky finger has been broken and the mangled bones jammed back into her hand. Nice work, team of graphic designers.

This picture is from wedding mega-site The Knot, and it needs no explanation.

I don't have to point out the Photoshop Disaster on this one, do I? That looks uncomfortable.

Kay Banks

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