Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Light-up wedding gowns

I thought the "electric" wedding dress from the Gypsy post was pretty crazy, and I want to see more light-up gowns.

Here's one from TLC Incredible Weddings. The bride lights up her gown a key moment in the first dance.

This gown isn't strictly for a wedding, but has far more interesting lights.

I wonder if it can spell out words? Like I DO in giant letters - similar to a Jumbotron thing at a sports game. That would be funny. In addition to LED lights, this dress is also coated in Swarovski crystals.

If you want to incorporate a more tasteful amount of blinking, flashing lights into your wedding, you could just order a light-up garter.

I even have the perfect first dance song to go with these gowns. Hardehar.


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