Friday, February 25, 2011

Robot wedding cake toppers

Did you enjoy Watson vs Brainy Humans on Jeopardy as much as I did? Since his big TV debut, Watson has undoubtedly received a lot of attention from amorous ladies. He's a good-looking (g)eye! When he plans his wedding, I hope he'll consider some of these adorable cake toppers.

These two are so cute they make me want to talk in a squealy voice and wave my hands around! I love that their joined hands form a ring.

Maybe Watson is more offbeat than he seems - he did get quite a laugh when he bid the oddball amount of $6435. If so, he and his bride will appreciate quirkiness of this robot bride holding a taco.

This charming and polite robot couple brought their dog to the altar.

Or, if Watson marries a human, he could use this retro cake topper.

Whatever he chooses, I hope we haven't seen the last of Watson and his big, brainy brain.

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