Monday, February 28, 2011

Slow how you wanted it to be

Do you have a big, gigantic crush on Dave Grohl like I do?

He was really adorable in his Nirvana days, and has only gotten more attractive with each passing day. He's aging really, really well. But enough of my gushing, check out his beautiful performance of Everlong from the Foo Fighters wedding.

There's a bit at the end where they show off the 3-tiered wedding cake. It's studded with the FF logo, and it has two couples on top since the Foo Fighters' wedding couple had to share honors.

The wedding was part of an Mtv stunt in 2005 called "24 Hours of Foo".

If Dave Grohl was at my wedding, there's no way I'd be focused on my family, friends, or husband. Because marriage is forever, but Dave Grohl only sticks around for a while (despite a song to the contrary).

Also, bonus link! On of my favorite Nirvana songs - Marigold. The only Nirvana song written and sung by DG.

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