Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little something for newly-engaged couples

Were you part of the Valentine's Day Engagement Hysteria?

If so, this billboard is for you:

I wish failblog wouldn't stamp FAIL on everything, because I think this is funnier, and much less annoying than the Robbins Brothers commercials that were playing constantly. There's SO MUCH SHRIEKING!

Though I get why an engagement ring store wouldn't advertise with sarcasm.

When it is time to make good on your engagement, make sure this doesn't happen to your photographer.

This poor guy. He was attacked by the drunken bridesmaid freak train.

Kay Banks


  1. so i am guessing from that commercial that it's a "thing" to get engaged at theme parks? I guess everywhere I've lived theme parks are for like, children and teens who want to make out, so the idea that there they function as actual adult places is interesting.

  2. I *think* that video is from Disneyland, which is defnitely not just for teens who want to make out. That's more Knotts' or Magic Mountain.

    You're calling a squealing girl wearing a tiara "adult" - that's pretty generous!

  3. I love this blog! The bridesmaid/photographer pic is HI-larious! And of course I adore the Robbins Brothers commercial. :)


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