Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hobo-themed wedding: assholes or awwww?

Is this a cute, vintage theme wedding with a can-do attitude, or assholery that mocks the impoverished?

Regretsy and Etsy both tell the tale of a couple who had a hobo-themed wedding. The bride's write-up says that her limited budget and personal interest in depression-era culture put the pieces together for a hobo wedding. Regretsy says they're dickheads who mercilessly mock the poor unfortunate souls who struggled through the real depression.

the hobo couple

hobo campfire


I'm not sure why the couple insisted on calling it a HOBO wedding. It seems to me that it's a pretty flippant attitude toward the actual poverty that exists in the world. A depression-themed wedding could still have this same "come together" feel without mocking the thousands of people who survived (and didn't survive) a terrible time in American history. Starvation, illness, and homelessness are not romantic.

It is a cute wedding, but the hobo theme definitely leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


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