Monday, August 8, 2011

Scariest wedding crasher ever

Bears: godless killing machines. And terrible wedding crashers.

It was a wedding party at an exclusive Taos resort but the two bears were not invited. A 300 pound mother bear and her cub crashed a wedding at the El Monte Sagrado Resort here on Sunday afternoon as they romped across lawns and climbed trees as wedding guests grabbed their cameras.

New Mexico Game and Fish officer Matt Pengelly hit the bear with a well-aimed dart from his tranquilizer gun after 10 p.m. as it sat perched in a tree about 30 feet off the ground. The bears “messed up a wedding,” said Pengelly, as he readied his rifle for action. His Doberman named Mala, Taos police officers and resort security kept an eye on the bear as Pengelly got ready.

“This is the first time I have seen a bear here but we have had several bear complaints in the area and I think it’s probably the same bear,” said Pengelly.

Pengelly asked every one present to remain quiet so that the tranquilizer would take effect more quietly. Several minutes later the bear crashed to the ground and Pengelly checked to make sure no bones were broken.

“I heard it over the (in-house) radio calling all departments,” said front desk office manager Christy Newton. “That there was a bear on the property.”

Resort security guards said they had to keep guests back from the bears as they went from one tree right next to where the wedding was taking place inside to another tree further away. “The cub was climbing the tree and the mom was watching it and it fell,” said Newton. “It was cute.” The cub ran off while it’s mother stayed in the tree.

Taos police officers Ron Montez and Lloyd Garcia stood by before Pengelly’s arrival to “make sure guests didn’t wander out there,” said Garcia. Pengelly carted the bear away in his truck to contain it overnight before he was to release it into the wild. The late rains have not done enough to provide natural food for bears and there have been numerous recent bear incidents, Pengelly said recently.

Here's my theory: the bear spied her dream wedding and wanted to be the center of attention.



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