Friday, October 14, 2011

Super awesome wedding invitations

Lately, I've been playing Super Mario World - a game I had TWENTY years ago. I still get suck on Tubular in the special levels. Right? Back me up on how hard that level is.


Check out this awesome wedding package from Larry T Quach. The invitations, seating chart, place cards, and wedding favors are all taken from elements of the Nintendo classic Super Mario Brothers.

The cartridge invitation comes in a black sleeve. I'd totally forgotten about the sleeves until I saw this.

Open up the invitation for the information and a look at the game "works".

These were the wedding favors.

Inside is a little card. Don't take the heart, Mario! Lakitu's gifts are always a ruse.

And this is the card that guests use to mark which meal they chose - ha! I love it.

There are a ton more photos, plus explanation from the designer at the source.


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