Friday, November 4, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry auction

Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry is going to auction. Since we've looked at all of her wedding gowns, it's interesting to see that jewelry up close. It's BIG. I mean, really big. As enormous and glamorous as her jewelry looked on, it looks even bigger and sparklier (it's a word) off.

This is the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. Can you imagine wearing this on your hand? You'd need a push cart just to keep your arm from getting tired. It's a 33.19 carat diamond, given to Taylor from Richard Burton.

This is the Mike Todd Tiara. I think I'll start naming all of my jewelry. Mike Todd was Taylor's third husband.

This necklace features the Taj Mahal Diamond (okay, seriously, naming jewelry is weird), and it was also a gift from Richard Burton. I like this one - it's very romantic.

This one was also a gift from Richard Burton. It has a name, but I'm tired of the names so look it up.

This one is my favorite. The color is so deep and velvety. This was - surprise! - a gift from Richard Burton.

Last one - another piece from Mike Todd.

What do you think? Yes, it's all very beautiful and extravagant, but would you wear any of this jewelry? I certainly wouldn't. I favor small, simple jewelry, but I still appreciate intricate, delicate jewelry with sparkly stones.


  1. This blog peaked my interest as I'm hoping to someday start a career in jewelry and have always had a soft spot for gemstones myself. Holy cow... I seriously thought people were exaggerating about the size of that diamond. You can skate on that thing!

    Rubies have always been a favorite of mine, though. I have a cabochon-cut 2.33 ruby set in a gold ring that my dad gave me for my seventeenth birthday, which I wear all the time. Aside from my wedding set, it's my favorite. Rubies are believed to be a love stone that heals the heart after a particularly bad break-up. It is also believed to help its wearer break bad dating patterns and encourage them to seek out their soul mate. In fact, rubies are of a higher value than diamonds and are sometimes preferred to be the center stone of an engagement ring (like Jessica Simpson's famous engagement ring, for example - it's also the birthstone for her birth month, July).

    Rubies are associated with the sign Scorpio (my astrological sign), as well as Aries and Leo.

  2. Yes, I find it interesting that diamonds have poor resale value. With all the importance that people put on diamond engagement rings, you'd think they're very special and rare, but they're not.

    I've always liked rubies better than anything - especially the really expensive stones because they have such deep, beautiful color.

    Thanks for all the info about rubies, and good luck with your career path! :)

    Do you now have any desire to start naming your jewelry now? I think I'm going to start giving ridiculous names to my favorites pieces. Like, I dunno, FRED.

  3. You know what, Ms. Vani B, I LOVE Jessica Simpson's ring!

    It's really pretty. It looks like a bow.

  4. Thank you very much!

    Naming jewelry like people name their cars? Well, no, not really, although I do literally refer to one pair of earrings as my "Christina Aguilera earrings," only because they're comprised of buttons literally carrying her "Back to Basics" image (they're really cute). And a ring I own has been dubbed "my jelly bean-looking ring" because of the way the cabochon-cut amethyst is places in the middle of a bunch of smaller, faceted amethysts.

    I know, I love that ring, and her old one was pretty too. For a time, I was obsessed with jewelry companies specializing in celebrity replica engagement rings, like CZ Fantasy, Inspired Silver and Emitations. To this day, they're still fun to look at.

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