Monday, November 21, 2011

Twilight wedding product tie-ins

I am one of three people in the US who has not read or seen anything Twilight, so you'll have to correct me if I get my facts wrong here.

First, Hallmark is selling the Swan/Cullen wedding invitations. You can personalize them to make them your own, but here's an example of THE invitation that the fictional characters sent out for their wedding.

It's...boring. Sorry. I don't get why you would send this as your invitation unless you just don't care.

In addition to the dull (opposite of sparkly, y/y?) wedding invitation, you can buy a lot of other Twilight stationery. 

Mothers, if you get your teenage daughter this card, she'll feel like you finally understand her.

If you're looking for a wedding-day hair accessory that counts as something blue AND something pop-culture, you'll like this hair comb from Hot Topic. 

I think it's pretty! I don't know if it looks cheap in real life, but it would look nice with a messy up-do.

If you really really want to emulate the Twilight wedding, you'll love this gown from Alfred Angelo

I'd like it more if it had lace sleeves like Kate Middleton's gown. I think satin sleeves look like they don't fit right unless you get the impeccable tailoring.

You might remember my previous Twilight post (nearly two years ago!) where I posted early sketches of the gown. The book describes the dress as a 1900s-era wedding gown. I don't think it looks like a 1900s-era gown at all. 

Here's the trailer for the movie so you can see the really beautiful ceremony scene. I love all the white hanging flowers..

Serious question: does she EVER close her mouth? She's super pretty, but CLOSE THAT MOUTH.

If you spy any other Twilight-inspired wedding stuff, please let me know!

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