Monday, January 16, 2012

Post Secret wedding secrets

There were a few wedding related secrets posted to Post Secret this weekend. Every secret gives me a new opportunity to see the world through a stranger's eyes.

Post card reads I've been married for 8 months. My parents don't know...and I honestly don't think they deserve to.
It would really hurt me to have non-involved parents. I love my family so much - it would be so sad to get married and not tell them. But if the secret sender thinks they're undeserving, then it seems like the right decision. Even if it is a tough one.

I used to hate people who got married just because they liked the "idea" of a spouse. Now I think I've become one...
What is this person saying? Does she now hate herself for becoming "one of those"? Getting married to an idea is not a solid marriage foundation, but maybe it's right for both of them. I think if everyone waits for their exact, perfect, ideal person, none of us would ever get married. 

Don't marry him, He is gay!! On back: I wish it was my place to tell you.
Some Googling tells me that the Locust on the Park apartment building is in Philadelphia. I think the sender is trying to get the attention of the future bride. This one makes a mess of a situation in my brain. I'm glad that the sender knows his/her place in someone else's relationship (i.e. to stay out of it).

What do you think? Do you also read Post Secret and imagine yourself each scenario? Do you judge the post card senders, or do you try to put yourself in that person's place?


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