Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drew Barrymore engaged–again!

I can’t not love Drew Barrymore. I find her adorable. I remember once, YEARS ago, I was listening to some Rabbi-hosted talk show at, like 3am. The topic was love, relationships, or marriage, and for some reason Drew Barrymore called in. I guess she was up and randomly listening to talk radio too! She gushed about  love, and good for her, right? It doesn’t work out for her, but she always loves again anyway.


So, in that same vein, Drew Barrymore is engaged again. I thought she was still dating “Mac” from the Mac vs. P.C. commercials, but she’s been dating Will Kopelman since 2010. She says she’s already dreaming about the wedding.

She’s been married twice before. Her first marriage lasted one month, and her second marriage lasted about six months.

Her second husband was Tom Green, a comedian my husband inexplicably loves. This is for you, weirdo!

My husband: :D Me: :|


  1. She's my fashion icon. Love her whimsical sense of style!

  2. My husband inexplicably liked Tom Green until we saw him do live standup. There were jokes about his Drew Barrymore marriage that were just icky.

    She's fantastic, especially coming from "Hollywood royalty", she at least puts on a great show of being down to earth.

  3. Gucky, ew. It's always a turn-off when people are bitter.

    Vani, I'm with you! I always love her style because it's always so HER.

    Jenny, no. It was funny the first few times, but "Daddy would you like some saus-a-ges" and "I'm the backward man, the baaaackward man" get old after the 100th viewing! :)


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