Wednesday, November 10, 2010

$400 McDonald wedding packages

We've seen a lot of odd wedding locations like Home Depot, Waffle House, White Castle, and the 99 Cents Only store, and I've even written about the growing popularity of retail store weddings. The trend must be shifting from wacky-and-fun to completely acceptable since McDonalds in Hong Kong is now offering a wedding package that includes the ceremony, reception, cake, and catering for 100 people for only $400US.

A rep for the company says that the wedding package was created in response to public demand:
Over the past two years, we've started receiving calls from people who want to have a wedding party in our restaurants. There are about 10 calls a month. People said they'd dated here, or met here, and wanted to get married here. We see this as a business opportunity.


Unfortunately you won't be able to have booze at the reception, as local laws forbid alcohol at family-friendly eateries like McDonald's. And you will also have plenty of hungry wedding crashers since the restaurants will remain open to the public during the ceremonies.

No booze and I have to eat at McDonald's? Hmm... I'd still go, just to see the fun, but there had better be cake!


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