Friday, November 12, 2010

Red gown bride - Paula Yates

A comment on my post about the red wedding gown Lydia Deetz wears in Beetle Juice got me a'Googling Paula Yates. I've heard of her (and I've certainly heard of her dating life, and her oddly-named children), but I had never seen her stunning red wedding gown before.

Paula Yates and music legend/humanitarian Bob Geldof were married on August 31, 1986, a few months after the birth of their first daughter Fifi Trixibelle. Simon LeBon was their best man.

Other celebrities were that David Bowie? Sorry for the terrible quality of the image. I don't even see my boyfriend Simon, but the Wikipedia says he was there, so who knows?

But it's pretty clear that her gown is gorgeous! That is the most beautiful pool of blood-red gown train I've ever seen. The matching red bouquet and veil really complete this look. There's no hint of black, and that keeps it from looking too goth-y. (I like goth-y, but she's firey not spooky)

The red mixed with her ultra-blonde hair is so pretty, and I love all the little roses on her crown.

The two went on to have more children: Peaches Honeyblossom, and Little Pixie Frou-Frou. Eventually, Paula Yates conquered and had a child with Michael Hutchence (of INXS and  fame). Not surprisingly, the child was named Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily - or just Tiger for short. In 1996 Yates and Geldof divorced in an extremely messy and public way, and Yates went on to continue being a headstrong and slightly crazy celebrity. Hutchence died (an infamous death) in 1997, and Yates died from a heroin overdose in 2000.

From a different (and more detailed) blog post about their relationship - BizzyBlogging:
Sort of incredibly, upon hearing of Paula's death, Bob Geldof sprang into action. Geldof made all of Paula's funeral arrangements, paid the tab, and then filed for temporary custody of little Tiger citing Tiger's, "need to be with her three half-sisters at this difficult time". Geldof's appeal was granted. Despite attempts by the Hutchence family, the orphaned girl continues to live with her half-sisters and to be reared by Geldof.

Geldof continues his humanitarian work, and the entire family still makes tabloid headlines.

Have a great weekend! Avoid the white drugs, friends.

Kay Banks

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