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Interview with Nathan - the guy married by Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell: Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up... we have gathered here today to join these two corpses before me, Nathan Dooley and Casey Russell in the everlasting bonds of holy... or maybe unholy matrimony. They have chosen to have you, their undead family and friends, to bear witness to this union of zombie souls, as they embark on their journey together.

Photo courtesey of John Cornicello Photography

Those are the vows from Nathan and Casey’s awesome Zombie Wedding that I posted about last week, and the week prior. The newly-married couple has been kind enough to share some details about their wedding with me, and I am thrilled to share them with you!

It’s important to note that this was not a ZomBcon contest (as I previously thought), but something that the couple suggested to the ZomBcon people.

From Nathan:
When I proposed at the end of this past August, Casey and I talked a little about what we wanted for a wedding. I honestly can't recall who first mentioned the idea... it's almost like we came up with the idea simultaneously of wanting Bruce Campbell to officiate a zombie wedding. I think it went Bruce Campbell as our minister first... that would be ideal we thought... the zombie thing came after we remembered that he would be in town for ZomBcon. I know that we figured it would be impossible to get Bruce Campbell, but my wife decided to contact the folks at ZomBcon via Facebook because we figured it couldn't hurt to ask. That initial Facebook message went out Oct. 1st, we got word that Bruce would do it Oct 15th and decided to go for it Oct 16th. So it was literally two weeks of planning to make it happen.

Truly, it never hurts to ask for something, even if it sounds crazy. I’m really impressed that you guys initiated all this insanity. Was your family excited about this from the start, or did it take some convincing?

 We both have really supportive parents and families. Her family lives nearby and mine is spread around the US. Still, both of our immediate families made the trip, I had some cousins and uncles fly in and we had tons of friends. I remember both of our parents laughed and thought it was a great idea and were so happy that we were doing what we wanted and having fun with our ceremony. They all got into the zombie thing in a big way too... everyone dressed up, watched Evil Dead and Army of Darkness before they came here... it was really fun for them. One of the other things that we did, despite the theme of the event, was to have our reception where we could still have some family moments you typically get at a wedding. There were some tearful toasts... dancing with moms and dads, etc...

Did you guys supply the suits, dresses, and flowers, or were they chosen by an event coordinator? Because when I saw the wilted bouquets - well, those are just genius.

Photo courtesey of John Cornicello Photography

We did supply and make all our own outfits. I purchased some old used tuxedos from a rental wholesale place for the groomsmen and myself and we purchased Casey's dress at the Value Village (like Savers/Goodwill) for $35. We both worked on the costumes... I don't know if you saw the baby arms coming out of Casey's pregnant belly in her dress... that was a something she came up with the night I proposed... so happy we were able to make it happen.

The flowers actually were actually a bit of a fiasco. We originally were supposed to have a bunch of dead and wilted flowers from a floral shop but they threw them out the day we were supposed to pick them up. We were also supposed to have some black roses for boutonnieres and bouquets but the same shop decided the day before the wedding that they weren't going to do that either... so we ended up buying some flowers from a local grocery store and did what we could to make them ugly the day of the wedding.

I will say, some great things about having a zombie wedding is what you can save on... flowers, dresses, tuxes... all the "pretty" stuff is pretty much tossed out the window. Value Village is a bride’s best friend for this kind of event and forget something old blue and borrowed... blood is way better.

Agreed! Tell me about The Chin.

Bruce was awesome, a real pro. He is our favorite actor of all time and we can't imagine having anyone else be our officiant. When we first met him for pictures with the wedding party he kind of seamed impatient... like “OK, let’s get this thing done...” [Bruce was] directing the photographers on who was taking the next photo (there were tons of press in this little room so I'm glad he actually took over). As soon as the interviews were done and the press and wedding party left it was one of the coolest moments of the day. Just Casey, Bruce Campbell, our photographer and me hanging out waiting for the wedding to start.

Photo courtesey of John Cornicello Photography

He took some time to ask us about what we do, who we are, and gave some advice on what he thinks is important in a marriage... pretty rad. We went over the wording in the ceremony (which I wrote the night before in the wee hours of the morning). Just a really surreal moment for us both. When it came to the wedding, he was a total pro... it seemed like he really had fun with the ceremony and was able to be Bruce as the caricature most people recognize... which is what we had hoped for.

That’s so cool. What other special moments do you remember?

Some stuff you didn't see in the video... our zombie flower girl throwing dead flower petals and dismembered bloody doll parts and fingers. Also, the procession of our zombie ushers bringing in the parents, and then the wedding party walking up was one of the funniest things I've ever watched in my entire life.
Seriously a fun event, we could never think of doing it any other way and in the end... we have rings on our fingers and an official document on file with the state just like anybody else (but ours is signed by Bruce Campbell).

Is there anything you’d change about your wedding? (Other than the unreliable flower vendor. How hard is it to provide dead flowers?)

Our one big regret in this whole thing really had to do with the extremely short notice... which meant a lot of out of town family and friends simply couldn't make it. The big one's were there of course... moms, dads, brothers and sister... but my grandma really wanted to come, some aunts uncles and cousins were really sad to have missed it.

Photo courtesey of John Cornicello Photography

Nathan, thanks for sharing all of this with me! May I post some of it in my blog?

Sure... post away! We're a little unfamiliar with this pseudo-celebrity status we've had of late... kind of been fun. It's my understanding that some of the wedding will be covered in next month’s Rolling Stone... weird.

It's really funny looking back at our back-up plan... which was to have a super small ceremony... basically just elope and then have a reception with our families sometime this coming June... just some cake and champagne, no zombies, no Bruce Campbell. We're still a little amazed that our wedding actually happened the way we dreamed it would... I don't think that's usually the case.

Any advice for other couples planning a wacky wedding?

[Our day] was fun and I encourage any couple who wants to do something different for their wedding to just do what they want.

Bruce Campbell: You have offered your solemn vows... may your home be a haven of peace and... So on and... Fulfillment of hopes and love... terms of this covenant... and what not...

…You've said the damn words, you love each other right?

By the power vested in me by the Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and all that is living, dead, holy and unholy in this world, I now pronounce you zombie and corpse, man and wife, you may kiss the bride.

Photo courtesey of John Cornicello Photography

This, THIS is why weddings are awesome! I love this couple – they’re obviously good friends and true partners in addition to being married, and they did this crazy thing head-on; together. Congratulations again to Casey and Nathan! I hope you guys have an awesome life together, and I hope you enjoy that little bundle of unholy terror when he/she arrives.



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